For High Value Crops Discover Our Formulated Liquid Soil Products Australia Wide

Whether you’re looking for a new solution to develop your crops or want to compliment your existing program and supplements, SJB AG~NUTRI will have the answer for you. Working with growers Australia wide, our formulated soil products have helped countless clients achieve high value crops. For more info about the benefits of our soil solutions read on below or call us today on 0407 040 820. 

Control Release Polymers

Designed for fertigation, our Control Release (CR) polymer liquids can be used to complement or replace existing soluble granular products. The polymer improves nutrient availability and reduces leaching, so less nutrient can be applied per hectare to achieve a similar yield response. CR polymers can also improve the efficiency of conventional granular products when used in conjunction. Chelated trace elements have also been added to many CR products to further enhance nutrient uptake, growth and yield response.

CR CAL-NIT + Boron

CR CAL-NIT + Boron (N 12%, Ca 17% + B 0.25%) 
An alternative to calcium nitrate with slow release nitrogen. Added boron helps maintain calcium…


CR GOLD (12-1.3-16 + Zn 0.1%, B 0.1%) 
Nice balance of essential nutrients to maintain growth and quality of high value crops. CR nitrogen…


CR K-NIT (N 6%, K 18%, B 0.1%, Mo 0.02%)
A liquid potassium nitrate replacement for fruit sizing & general crop quality. CR polymers hold…


CR K-SUL (K 21%, 11%)
High analysis K liquid plus sulphur. Great in situations where nitrogen is not needed or for…


CR MAG-SUL PLUS (Mg 20%, S 5%, Fe 0.1%)
High analysis magnesium formulation. Excellent for sandy soils and magnesium sensitive crops like…

CR MAPS + Zinc

CR MAPS + Zinc (N 8%, P 10% S 5% + Zn 0.25%)
Liquid MAP alternative with added sulphur & zinc. Much higher phosphorous availability than…


CR MKP (P 11%, K 13%, Mg 1%, B 0.01%, Fe 0.05 g/L, Mo 0.05 g/L)
Excellent combination of nutrients for improving crop quality. Lower application rates than granular…


Unique amide polymer supplies nitrogen as required by the crop. Does not release large amounts of…

CR NPKomplete

CR NPKomplete (N 10%, P 4%, K 8%, S 3%, Mg 1%, Zn 0.1% + trace elements)
A complete nutrient mix ideal for establishing young crops/vines. Excellent as a pre-flowering &…


High analysis P starter liquid. Readily utilized by crops grown in high or low pH soils. Added sulphur…


Humates or humic acids are essential for soil fertility & health. They are mostly formed from the decomposition of lignin material (eg. plant/root matter) & they enhance soil nutrient and water holding capacity, biological activity, fertilizer efficiency & soil structure just to name a few things. They are a readily available source of organic carbon, an important component of all productive & healthy soils.

liquid humate

LIG-HUMATES (16% Potassium Humate, 33% Lignosulphonate, 16% Organic Carbon)
Formulated specifically for dripper application. LIG-HUMATES contains a combination of potassium…

Plex Chelates

The PLEX range uses an organic lignosulphonate chelating agent to deliver high nutrient availability in a wide range of soil types. PLEX products have excellent binding properties that reduce leaching and prolong nutrient absorption. Formulated for high value crops that need fast and available nutrients.


Boron PLEX (B 7.5%)
Boron polymer with lignosulphonate provides superior uptake compared to boron salts. Binding…

Calcium + Boron PLEX

Calcium + Boron PLEX (Ca 7%, B 1%)
Calcium chelate plus boron complex for optimum uptake & crop quality. Ideal for tree crops &…



Calcium PLEX (Ca 7.5%)
Calcium chelate for optimum uptake & crop quality. Ideal for tree crops & strawberries where high…


Zinc PLEX (Zn 11%)
High analysis zinc chelate with excellent availability across a wide range of soil types. Zinc…