Go to the Next Level with Our Crop Spray Aids Australia Wide

Improve on your current spray program and take your crops to the next level with our outstanding, industry-leading products. LIG-BUFFER spray aid from SJB AG~NUTRI will enhance the efficacy of your tank mixes allowing your crops to thrive and is available Australia wide. Our range is constantly evolving, so be sure to visit this page or give us a call on 0407 040 820 to stay up to date.

LIG-BUFFER® (non-ionic surfactant) 

LIG-BUFFER contains an acidifier & non-ionic surfactant that can be added to nutrient & chemical sprays to enhance their efficacy. High pH water often contains calcium, sodium & magnesium salts that can react with chemicals (alkaline hydrolysis) greatly reducing their absorption & efficacy. Many pesticides & herbicides also have optimum activity in acidic solutions. Nutrient absorption for many crops is higher when an acidic solution is applied to the leaf surface. The waxy cuticle on the leaf surface creates a barrier for absorption of nutrients & systemic chemicals. Surfactants (or wetters) reduce surface tension allowing spray droplets to spread and cover a wider leaf surface area. This increases the contact of nutrients & chemicals with cuticular pores where absorption takes place, thus improving leaf uptake.

LIG-BUFFER is a low cost input that can significantly improve the results of your spray program.