Introducing Greena

SJB AG-NUTRI is excited to announce the release of a new innovative nutrient product in collaboration with Landmark that utilizes SJB's proven foliar chelation technology powered by Loveland's unique Inositol & Awaken chemistry. Greena is a fully chelated complete nutrient spray suited to application in a wide variety of broadacre & horticultural crops. 

Greena not only supplies essential nutrients for crop health & vigour, but enhances early root development & aids crop recovery from stress situations (eg. cold or wet soils). Greena improves the efficiency of nutrient utilisation within the plant, while also stimulating root uptake of soil nutrients.

SJB's high quality organic chelate ensures excellent physical & chemical compatibility as well as a high level of crop safety. Greena is also a cost effective option for growers looking to maximise yield & quality at a reasonable cost per hectare. Greena will be available from your nearest Landmark store from May 1.

Find our more about how Greena can work for you here.