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Here at SJB AG~NUTRI, we take pride in staying on the cutting edge of agriculture nutrition, to the benefit of our valued clients Australia wide. We care deeply about our clients and the local environment, striving every day to do our part. We are always looking for new approaches and new developments. Here you will find the latest news relating to the industry. We hope you find it of good value and encourage you to check back regularly for more of the latest news.

Latest Articles

Calcium Nutrition: Calcium is an essential nutrient for crop quality & requires a holistic management strategy to achieve optimum fruit calcium levels & quality. September 16, 2016

It's Time to Think Zinc!: Zinc is the most common trace element deficiency in Australian crops & addressing it early in the season is essential for optimum crop growth & quality. September 05, 2016

Optimise Flowering, Disease Tolerance & Yields in Pulse Crops: For high value pulse crops, nutrition is a key element that can significantly improve crop health, yields & seed quality. July 05, 2016

Reduce Lodging, Increase Wheat Yields: Seasonal conditions favouring vigorous growth has the potential to cause lodging issues in wheat crops & nutrition management is an important tool to prevent significant yield losses. June 17, 2016

Improving Flowering in Canola Crops: Learn about nutrient management options to help optimise canola flowering and pod retention to maximise grower returns. June 14, 2016

Foliar Sprays for Broadacre Crops: Foliar nutrient sprays can provide significant yield benefits for growers at minimal cost per hectare compared to soil application. May 26, 2016

New 'Greena' Product Announcement: Greena combines the benefits of SJB’s proven foliar chelation technology with Loveland’s innovative Inositol & Awaken chemistry for enhanced micronutrient application and uptake into the plant. May 06, 2016

Post-harvest Vine Nutrition: Post-harvest is a critical stage of vine development & the correct soil & plant nutrient inputs will have a major impact on vine productivity for the coming season. April 05, 2016

Early Strawberry Nutrition Guidelines: The quality of your soil preparation & nutrition inputs during early development will usually determine the quality of your fruit. February 24, 2016

Autumn Citrus Nutrition: Autumn is an important period for citrus and nutrition will have a major impact on fruit quality and fruit set in the spring. February 04, 2016

Almond Post-harvest Nutrition: Post-harvest application of soil and foliar nutrients are essential for optimising almond production for the coming season. January 18, 2016

Nutrient Seed Dressings: Nutrient seed dressings containing essential trace elements and phosphorous are a very cost effective option for enhancing germination and improving grain yields. January 15, 2016

Cotton Foliar Sprays: Foliar application of essential trace elements such as zinc and boron during early crop development can greatly enhance boll yields and quality without significant cost to growers. January 15, 2016

Cucurbit Nutrition: While cucurbits may be seen as a low maintenance crop, fruit quality can be greatly enhanced by some attention to important nutrients & targeted fertilizer applications. January 15, 2016

SJB Chelates - What's the difference? Is it true that all lignosulphonate chelates are the same? Are SJB Chelates any different from the various other lignosulphonate products on the market? January 15, 2016