LIG-HUMATES (16% Potassium Humate, 33% Lignosulphonate)

  • Formulated specifically for dripper application.
  • LIG-HUMATES contains a combination of potassium humate & low molecular weight lignosulphonate compounds.
  • High level of organic carbon (16%) plus 2.1% sulphur.
  • Enhances soil nutrient & water holding capacity.
  • Especially effective on light or sandy soils where nutrients are readily leached through the profile.
  • Improves fertilizer efficiency & can reduce the total nutrient inputs required to grow a crop.
  • LIG-HUMATES promotes biological activity in the soil which leads to organic matter breakdown & the subsequent release of previously ‘locked-up’ nutrients.
  • LIG-HUMATES also helps reduce the detrimental effect of salinity on crop growth and production.