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Here at SJB AG~NUTRI, we take pride in staying on the cutting edge of agriculture nutrition, to the benefit of our valued clients Australia wide. We care deeply about our clients and the local environment, striving every day to do our part. We are always looking for new approaches and new developments.

Here you will find the latest news relating to the industry. We hope you find it of good value and encourage you to check back regularly for more of the latest news.

The cotton season is in full swing so what nutrients should growers be looking at to maximise boll yield and quality? Well assuming major nutrient (NPK) inputs are adequate, growers should be looking to address any micro nutrient issues via foliar sprays. The most critical trace elements for cotton production that are likely to be […]

Foliar nutrient sprays are a very effective tool that broadacre farmers can utilize to enhance grain yield and quality. Trace elements such as zinc, manganese and copper are deficient in many cropping regions, but can be easily and cost effectively corrected using foliar sprays. Numerous independent scientific trials with SJB zinc & manganese chelates have […]

Nutrient seed dressings should be a high priority for broadacre farmers as they are the most efficient and cost effective method of supplying essential trace elements like zinc & manganese to the crop. For less than $1 an acre, growers can treat their seed and expect a minimum 5% increase in grain yields in most […]

Soil Nutrients – Nitrogen and potassium are the biggest nutrient requirements for almond crops and generally it is recommended that about 1/4 of the total N & K requirements are applied post-harvest, however this should be assessed based on the current season’s crop load. Almonds use these nutrients to supply energy and sugars for flower […]

Calcium is an essential nutrient for crop quality & requires a holistic management strategy to achieve optimum fruit calcium levels & quality.

Zinc is the most common trace element deficiency in Australian crops & addressing it early in the season is essential for optimum crop growth & quality.

Nutrition plays an essential role in flowering, however application timing is critical to ensure crop nutrient levels are optimal for reproduction. Nutrition can also have a major impact on plant health, yield & seed quality of beans, peas, lentils & lupins. Key nutrients for pulses include, calcium, sulphur, boron, zinc, manganese, copper & molybdenum. Early […]

With optimal growing conditions in 2016, vegetative growth & yield potential of wheat crops is high and with this comes the risk of significant yield losses due to lodging later in the season. Lodging is the result of poor structural integrity (strength) of stems usually caused by excessive vegetative growth (ie. optimal soil moisture & […]

Many growers will have experienced issues with poor flowering or pod set in their canola crops but may not know the reasons behind this. Seasonal factors outside the grower’s control such as soil moisture, rainfall, temperature & frosts can all influence flowering, however nutrition also plays an essential role in crop reproduction & importantly it […]

Before your vines shut down for a well deserved winter break, some strategic nutrient applications can help set the vines up for the critical bud burst to flowering period. While nitrogen is often associated with excessive vigour and poor fruit quality, it is nonetheless an essential major nutrient and post harvest is often the optimum […]

Strawberries are a high value crop and fruit quality is absolutely paramount as growers know. What happens pre-flowering has a large influence on crop yield and quality so the importance of pre-plant & early crop nutrient management cannot be understated. Pre-planting – Before planting you need to ensure your soil pH and calcium levels are […]

Heading into Autumn, citrus growers are not only trying to size their crop but also ensure Autumn flush leaf health is optimal for carbohydrate production. Zinc is a critical nutrient for leaf expansion and health of new growth, and regardless of soil type or growing area Autumn zinc sprays should be standard practice amongst citrus growers. […]

They say ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’, & at SJB we know all about that! In recent times we have had 3 or 4 opposition companies coming out with ‘identical’ products/ranges (ie. same analysis, lignosulphonate based) & of course always cheaper than the SJB original. Firstly, this is a testament to the quality […]

Cucurbits (eg. melons, pumpkins, cucumbers) are a popular summer crop in many growing areas across Australia and are often seen as a low maintenance or ‘fill in’ crop. However to produce quality fruit an adequate nutrition program is essential. ESTABLISHMENT – For early establishment & vine health, ensure your soil pH is not too acidic […]